VPN For Windows? Which One To Shop For?


Windows users know that there are myriads of software to get things done. The tale is no different for Virtual Private Networks. The list of best vpn software for windows is long. People have their pick of choices when it comes to retaining their anonymity while connected to the web through a laptop. We take a look at how a VPN helps a person remain safe on the internet and the three leading VPN software options in the market. To compare VPNs or For more Info, go here.

• How VPN protects you?
In a gist, a VPN makes it appear as if you are logged on to the internet from another area. The software does so by bouncing the signal from your location to various servers spread around the globe. For everyday users, VPNs are the best choice to get access to sites that are blocked or streaming services that are restricted in your location.

Furthermore, VPN extends complete security to the user as they not only hide location but also mask identity. It implies that one can perform safe banking transactions at all time, along with anonymous browsing.

• Which VPN software to use for windows?
When you test out the many VPN software available for Windows, one stands out as the clear winner. ExpressVPN holds the top spot when it comes to making the IP address of your laptop. But, if for some reason, ExpressVPN is not your cup of tea, here are two more other options.

NordVPN utilizes a dual encryption system which makes it the most secure software for Windows. The features it offers are:
o 2048-bit encryption,
o over 5,000 servers
o locations spanning 60 countries
o a strong DNS leak protection
o two kill switches
o KEv2/IPsec
o OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP protocols
o Zero Logging
o 3-day free trial
o P2P friendly

Add to it the excellent connection speed, NordVPN is indeed an extraordinary software for Windows. The simple and intuitive interface and ability to support twice the number of devices as ExpressVPN, it makes for a smart security decision. Some minor issues happen when windows are resized, but they don’t hamper much.

IPVanish is the choice for those who love torrenting. A few features that come with this VPN software are:
• Easy to use for everyday web activity.
• The connection speed leaves every other competitor in the dust.
• A strict no-logs policy makes it completely secure.
• 256-bit encryption over OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP protocols.

Besides the more straightforward client, there is a more sophisticated option for those who want to go deeper into VPNs. While there is no free trial available for the software and the price is little on the steep side, the product works and well! If you take the yearly package, the cost comes down to less than $10 for thirty days, which is very much feasible.

Besides ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and IPVanish, there are other software like Hotspot Shield and Windscribe out there. Make the final selection that suits your budget and, of course, protection requirements.