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Bedroom Furniture Arrangement for Every Room Size

Planning the furniture for your bedroom could leave you confused. Arranging beds with bedside tables could be easy. But utilizing the left our spaces in the bedroom needs extra work. It does not need expertise knowledge though. With some basic rules it is easy to arrange the furniture in your bedroom. Moreover, if you are living in a tiny space, then consider these basic rules as mandatory rules for arranging and you would start loving your room more than before.

Basic Rules For Arranging Furniture in Bedroom
In this article, we are discussing about some basic rules for arranging furniture in your bedroom for all room size.

Small and Narrow Bedroom
If the room is narrow enough to fit a bed, we are giving you some tips to manage this space.
• Layout
Push the bed against the wall, leaving some space between the bed and the wall. This will make the room a little bigger for the bedside chest, and a hanging shelf on the opposite side of the bed works fine for corner spaces.
• Bed
Choose a smaller full bed with storage space.
• Extras
Choose a clothing rack. Ensure to have enough storage spaces so that nothing spills on the floor. Don’t hesitate to invest a little more on the mirrors as these could help the room look bigger, and place them smartly.

Full Size Master Bedroom
• Layout
Go for a large size rug which could help to utilize the space available. Choose matching lamps, bedside tables, chair and dresser on the opposite side of the bed.
• Bed
In a master bedroom, the space should be big enough to accommodate king or queen size beds.
• Extras
More often you would have enough space in a master bedroom, place a long-bench in front of the bed. It gives you beautiful look, also convenient if the bench comes with storage space.

Master Suite Bedroom
• Layout
Master suite might be long and narrow and you would be attempting to place the bed against the wall. But try placing the bed in the center of the room. Since the room is very big it might be difficult to decor the room with a large size rug. Also, place a large dresser that would fill up the empty space.
• Bed
You have a master suite bedroom space. So, go for King Size bed and enjoy.
• Extras
Since you have enough space in this room, plan you needs and arrange them accordingly. A reading table, desk, bench could be arranged in this room space. To fill up the corners, choose a plant that could be placed indoor, and plants could help you get more sleep and freshen the air in the room.

Storage spaces
Storage is the key not only for small spaces but also for large bedrooms. It not only gives you an aesthetic look but also make sure that there is no spilling and helps the room look clean.
If you want to share your knowledge on arranging furniture, please leave us your knowledge as comments.